Tim & Shannon Tim grew up at Bethel Baptist Church in Memphis, TN (which is now in Walls, MS), and really got his salvation settled when he was nineteen during a revival meeting. He went to the Christian school there, and went all the way through their college (Tri-State Baptist College). When he was sixteen, he began leading the singing in the junior church, and working in the bus ministry. He also started working at Triple S Christian Ranch in Rose Bud, AR at sixteen, later became assistant director, and continued working there every summer for a total of eighteen years. Tim and Shannon met at that youth camp, and were married on April 28, 1990. Between summers of camp Tim has had nine years of experience as teacher and principal in Christian schools. He was also a full-time assistant pastor for three years.
They remained in evangelism for almost 18 years, then Tim became pastor of his home church in June of 2012. 

Tim & Shannon

In 1999 Tim went through a serious accident. While trying to remove a spare tire, a full-size, custom van fell off of a bumper-jack and onto his head. He remained conscious while his wife and her sister lifted the van just enough for him to get out. After brain surgery and face surgery, he had complete recovery. The Lord greatly used this trial to help him and his family in full-time evangelism. Shannon grew up at Fairview Baptist Church in Little Rock, AR. She went to a Christian school from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and then to Tri-State Baptist College for two years. At the age of fifteen, she started working at Triple S Christian Ranch and continued working there every summer for the next seventeen years. Shannon was saved at the age of twenty-four during a church service in West Memphis, AR. For the past ten years, Shannon has been home-schooling their five children.